Our Tense products are all unique. They can be made even more one of kind thanks to these customizations.

Would you like to personalize your products permanently with inscriptions, logos and/or symbols?
We have the skills to carry out laser engraving and printing using the designs provided by the client.

All Tense finishes are suitable for engraving or printing.

When you order a product with inscriptions, we need some extra time to prepare the shipment.

Laser engraving

Provide us your design on our template and we will meet your specific needs. We are able to process various fonts, font sizes, font colours … and complicated logos and symbols. The sky is the limit.

We recommend laser engraving for wood and all anodized Tense products (Alu, Alu Black, Alu Dark Grey …).


Printing is the perfect solution to label your switches on non-anodized surfaces (e.g., Bronze, Brushed Gold, Forged Bronze Light …).

Printing is even possible on other specific finishes, such as stone, glass 

Looking for a unique piece?

Special request from your customer? Like using aspecific RAL colour in your interior that matches perfectly your walls? Make a decorative element of it and let it blend in or stand out.

Let us know and we are happy to think along.

Custom made

Tense is able to customize your ideas in order to obtain a uniform look in your project. A minimum order quantity is however requested.

One of the realized products is this frameless socket insert completely made of Corian White. Thanks to this idea, you have the ability to combine your Intensity and socket Corian White all in one, without any edges. Great to install in kitchens or bathrooms!

Some realisations