Designed, manufactured and handmade in Belgium

Tense is a Belgian designer and manufacturer of elegant design switches, room controllers with OLED display, motion detectors, socket frames and iPad holders.

Tense combines more than 20 years of experience in home automation, electronics manufacturing and lighting. Over the years, Tense has grown to a global player offering top design solutions in more than 50 countries worldwide.

This success relies on a continuous search for perfection and innovation, as well in product design as manufacturing techniques, customer support …


Tense stands for a sleek design look throughout your home. Therefore, we present our elegant switches, room controllers, motion detectors, socket frames  and iPad holders … in the same material finishes. This to create a uniform look in each project and interior.

All these design products can be flush-mounted thanks to the unique recessed fixtures of Xillo. This innovative recessed solution is fast and easy to install, strong, fire-resistant, plasterable, paintable … Your switches and sockets are now beautifully integrated in your interior.

We are constantly upgrading and updating our products by working with new materials, colours etc. Our passion for design results in these high-end design products and these were crowned by winning several design awards.

Supported systems

These capactive-touch products are all KNX compatible or can operate on 12-24V DC with Normally Open Contacts (NOC). 


Touching at least two buttons at the same time, activates the multi-touch function. This offers you even more functions: short multi-touch and long multi-touch. An Intensity switch with 4 touch zones, has thus up to 10 touch functions. Every switch (KNX or NOC) supports multi-touch.


Individual LED feedback

All switches has individual LED feedback per touch zone.

  • KNX switches have individual dimmable RGB LED feedback which you can customize via the ETS software of KNX.
  • NOC switches have individual white LED feedback per touch zone.