Our passion for design and high-quality has been crowned with several design awards:

Architecture, interior, product, communication and concept. This award honors innovative products from all sectors of architecture and manufacturing industries.

Tense wins the category: “Winner Product” and we are proud that the German Design Council has chosen us!

Innovationhigh-qualitydesign and functionality. Those are the 4 Plus X Award’s seals of approval that Tense received.

These categories represent everything were we stand for: up-to-date technology that is still user-friendly, the top quality of the raw materials, the minimalistic design, the durability of our products …

Discovering, presenting and honouring unique design trends, that is the goal of the German Design Award.

Tense received this award thanks to the innovative flush-mounted solution for each Tense product. The elegant switches become even more elegant when they are recessed in the wall.

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Authenticity label

All Tense products are recognized by the authenticity label “Handmade in Belgium“. This label is the result of series of extensive audits and is a reward of our Belgian craftmanship. Our products are designed, manufactured and assembled in Belgium.