Trimless Range

Trimless Range

Almost all Tense products can be made 100% recessed thanks to our Trimless Wallboxes. These are developed and designed in collaboration with Xillo.


The Xillo material is a  patented composite which is extremely strong and durable and therefore the ideal match for our plasterable and paintable wallboxes.  It has the same characteristics as plasterwork and thus sets and crimps accordingly. Xillo composite is mechanically adjustable for unique and out of the box use.

This innovative recessed solution is fast to install and easy to screw affix thanks to the predrilled holes, and easy to plaster thanks to the handy indicators and layered design of the fixture.

This way, the 90° inner edges are always kept, resulting in a perfect result after the product has been attached inside.

Xillo always meets the highest finishing standards and is suitable for all surfaces (plasterboard (PB)- 12,5 mm and brick/concrete (BC) – 6 mm) to create a recessed look in any project.


  1. (BC) Drill a hole in the wall according to the product’s dimensions.  (PB) Make a square hole in the material and position 2 small wooden bars behind the opening.
  2. Position the fixture by using the markings and a laser.
  3. Screw the fixture on the wall by using 4 plugs and screws through pre-drilled holes.
  4. Apply a mesh and equalize with plaster up until the outer rim.
  5. Paint the in- and outside of the fixture in your preferred colour.


We have two types of Customizable Socket Frames added to our product range:

The Invisible Socket Wallbox of Tense is an innovative recessed socket. With only the plug hole visible this is the most minimalistic socket outlet on the market. No gap, no frills. The socket is installed 100% integrated and trimless in the plastered wall and painted as you’d wish. Available in 1F and 2F versions.

The Paintable Socket of Tense is a paintable socket frame which can be made fully recessed in any plastered wall in Combination with the Trimless Wallbox. They are available in 1F and 2F versions.