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Product spotlight: FENTO

September 23, 2022

Fento – Ventilation

The most minimalistic vents on the market, available in square and round versions to blend perfectly with any interior.

This week we are putting out Fento productline in the spotlight. The Fento line is specifically made for a solution for Ventilation. There are 2 versions with each different variations in measurements.

The first one is the Fento Tondo, a round version, featured in the image left. And the second version is a squared one. Each one of them delivers the perfect quality for a clear room.

Are you also in favour of making your ventilation seamless in your interior? The patented material allows you to have a perfect 100% solution. This composite material has the same characteristics as plaster. Only this material is stronger, and more robust than plaster.

Thanks to our passion for design and craftsmanship, we also love to help you by creating a perfect seamless result. For any special recessed requests; Let us know your project requirements and we help to inspire you and bring your vision to life.