Like to bring nature into your home?

Looking for a switch that is one of kind? Like to have a touch of nature in your interior?
Discover the natural characteristics of our wooden range in switches, room controllers, sockets … and implement them in your home.

Since these are all natural products, they can vary in colour, grain and texture. All these natural products will have unique grains, scars, knots … 
This will add character to each piece.


Walnut wood is native to the eastern regions of North America. Thanks to several environmental factors, the timber has a natural variation in colour. 



Wood Oak Dark

Oak Dark

Oak wood is strong, heavy and durable. Thanks to it beautifull brown colour you bring a nice natural aspect in your interior. 


Padouk characterized by a deep brownish red. This kind of timber is from Central to West Africa. 

The popular hardwood is strong, durable and shows excellent strength in bending and resistance in crushing. 


Wenge is dark chocolate brown, has a beautiful grain and has fine black straight veins … This all adds to the artistic image.

This kind of exotic wood is also known as the dark wood of Africa. Because it is harvested in Central and West Africa.